Coronado Students SOAR!

What is "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support" (PBIS)?

PBIS is the systemic process of managing student behavior at Coronado Elementary. We believe that by teaching, acknowledging, and rewarding positive behavior, we will increase the likelihood that behavior will be repeated. We believe catching a child doing the right thing, and positively acknowledging it, is more powerful than reprimanding students.     

How is PBIS taught at Coronado?

At Coronado, behavior skills are taught just like academic skills. In August and  again in January, the principal reviews the PBIS norms and behaviors for SOAR behavior.   Check them out Here!

Our focus is to build a positive school-wide environment and in order to create this, we teach, support & expect the following behaviors using the acronym of SOAR. 

Be Safe - Hands, feet and body to yourself.
Be an Outstanding Learner - come to school on time, ready to listen and ready to work.
Always Respectful and Kind - Listen when others are speaking and wait your turn to talk.
Responsibility - clean up after yourself, treat others with kindness.

How do we acknowledge preferred behaviors?

SOAR Tickets

  • Students can earn SOAR tickets by demonstrating SOAR behavior throughout the building. Any staff member at Coronado may reward positive behavior with a SOAR ticket.
  • SOAR prizes are awarded on Fridays via a drawing from the SOAR tickets.
  • SOAR Student of the Month - teachers nominate one student per class each month.  

How might PBIS look in a classroom?

Rather than telling a kindergarten girl to take her hands off the back of the student in front of her in line, the teacher will notice someone who is standing correctly in line and announce the proper behavior to the other students. “I really like the way Ricky is keeping her hands to himself in line.”

Rather than telling a fifth-grade student for a second time, to take his Chromebook out for math class, the teacher will notice a student who has the correct supplies and announces the proper behavior to the other students. “If you are not sure what you should have out right now, look at Michael.  He has everything he needs and is ready to begin.”

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